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Interview: Adam McDermott of Linus

Inspired by their travels throughout bike-friendly cities in Europe and Asia, Adam McDermott and Chad Kushner co-founded Venice Beach based Linus Bike in hopes that creating a simple, elegant, and affordable bike would boost LA’s cycling culture. Now, a few years later, Linus Bikes are sold in most major cities in the United States and the LA driver has grown accustom to sharing the road with cyclists. Most recently, Linus was commissioned by The Line Hotel to build 25 co-branded bicycles as well as create local bicycling route maps for hotel guests. We chatted with Adam about biking in LA, collaborating with The Line, and the reason that Copenhageners are rated the happiest people in the world.

Tell us about the bike you custom built for The Line—how is it different than the other Linus Bikes?

We stripped it down to the frame and repainted it with Linus and Line co-branding. Then we built it back up with a Brooks leather saddle and wrapped the handle bar in our leather bar tape. We added a brass bell and a head lamp, and we made a custom black and white pannier bag to hang off the rear rack.

Favorite bike ride in LA?

I ride for transportation, trying to replace as many car trips with bike trips as I can. The ride that probably gives me the greatest joy is the Sunday summer beach day, when traffic is backed all the way up Venice and the parking lots are full… I can ride my bike all the way to the sand without the least bit of effort. I also like leaving a crowded restaurant with a full stomach and riding home in the cool night on quiet back streets.

If you weren’t designing bikes, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be making something at the intersection of art and utility… furniture, lamps, food etc.

Now, when you aren’t busy designing bikes, how do you spend your time?

Swimming in the ocean, hanging out with my cat, watering the garden, thinking about bikes.

Most bike friendly city in the world?

Copenhagen for sure. They have a super highway just for bicycle commuting with pump stations, and lanes for single use or side by side riding with a friend. They have angled trash cans for cyclists, and they have the bike escalator to help cyclists up steep hills. No wonder they are consistently rated the happiest people in the world!

The Everyday Sac by Linus is available at

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