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Inside Proxart Mag

Proxart Magazine is primarily an e-zine online and for your Ipad. But, the crew there also makes it available as a print edition through MagCloud. It’s a smart move for a magazine starting out, none of the overhead and headaches of huge production runs, getting Proxart via MagCloud is simply print on demand and a high quality magazine is in the mailbox within days.

Sure, it comes with a price, but, I’m happy to support independent magazines run on pure passion. Proxart is a small, dedicated team of designers and contributors, doing this solely for the love of it. This latest issue of Proxart includes photographers, clothing designers, illustrators, and art nerds among others… here are some of the featured players.

Proxart Mag issue 8

Denim brand, Imogene & Willie

Proxart Magazine Issue 8... Imogene & Willie

Imogene & Willie in Proxart

Ian Schneller.

Ian Schneller in Proxart Mag

Photographer, Sean Pecknold.

Sean Pecknold photography in Proxart Mag

Sean Pecknold photography in Proxart Mag

Alex Eben Meyer.

Alex Eben Meyer in Proxart Mag

And, Poketo! What an honor.

Poketo is featured in issue 8!

So cool! I just got the hard copy of the latest @proxart mag. We are featured in this latest issue. Photo by @hollerotron here...

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