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Imagination Dreams Reality

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. -Jonas Salk

Designed by world renowned architect, Louis Khan, The Salk Institute is described as the single most architecturally significant sites in San Diego. It’s view of the Pacific, the clean lines, the angles, and mix of concrete and wood are gorgeous. Built in the 60s, it will continue to age gracefully, a truly timeless, modernist architecture.

After the talk we gave, we toured the UCSD campus and it’s dotted with world class art installations. The students are so lucky to be surrounded by the likes of John Baldessari, Tim Hawkinson, Barbara Kruger, Bruce Nauman, Nam June Paik, Terry Allen, Michael Asher, and more. I wonder, do they end up taking it for granted as they walk by them day to day?

At nearly 24′ high and over 180 tons, “Bear” is a massive work by Tim Hawkinson.

Starting from the bottom of a hill to the top, “Snake Path” by Alexis Smith was enjoyed by dogs, cats, joggers, and students going to and coming from the library.

The Geisel Library. Amazing, it’s like a space ship. But, what I want to point out here is the “Trees” installation by Terry Allen. This one, specifically, a silent tree…. as opposed to the bottom two images.

This is also part of the “Trees” installation. But, it’s in a different location among a grove of trees. Among the grove of trees, there is a single tree. The cool thing about this is that it’s a talking tree. Meaning, there is a crazy loop of experimental sounds, music, and “talking” coming out of the tree! If you look closely, that single tree is not real, but, looks like the others from afar. This was my favorite.

John Baldessari’s invitation to the entrance of the library. Perfect.

Barbra Kruger’s “Another”.

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