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Holiday Gift Guide 3.0—Highlow Jewelry

This time around, our very own Sonya Gallardo of Highlow Jewelry shares her gift picks with us, including a pair of socks for the quasi-adventurous dad and a mug for the outdoorsy sibling, plus a pair of earrings for herself, of course.

Richer Poorer Socks x Poketo – My Dad is a very practical man. Growing up, whenever I’d ask him what he wanted for Christmas, he would always say, “black socks”. Not this time Dad!

Baker Brush + Dough Scraper – This is such a beautiful yet functional tool. My friend Sandra is a chef and all around foodie. She would love this!

Dimidia Earrings
– If I were to gift myself something, it would be these earrings. I love how they create a statement without being really big or too shiny. They’re perfect.

Ceramic Faux Tin Mug - My brother loves to camp and loves coffee. This looks like something he would he would have packed with his camping gear, except this one is ceramic, so it can be something he has at home that reminds him of being outdoors.

Skipping Rope – The handles are so sweet on this jump rope! I’d get this for my nieces, but I’d have to make sure to buy two, so they don’t fight over it.

Shop the collection on, and while you’re at it, check out Ben Medansky’s gift picks here.

Gift guide shot and styled by Ola Onda.

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