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Get organized! Jen Giese of Photojojo shares her tips

Desk-Its have been a runaway bestseller at Poketo. We’ve been shipping tons of them to customers all over the world, so it’s no wonder that we met someone who truly loves the Desk-Its.

Jen Giese is part of the creative team at Photojojo. is the awesome photography community where you can find everything from gear, tips, and photography DIY projects from people all over the world. Since she’s been using the Desk-Its as part of her daily routine, we asked her to share a bit about herself and how her life gets a little less crazy because of these simple, elegant stick-ons.

Photo by Rachel Gant

Hi, Jen, tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m part of the super fun and creative team at Photojojo. I grew up in San Diego but I’ve lived in San Francisco for three years now — I wouldn’t trade it for any other city in the world.

You must love photography, what are some of your personal favorites?
I do enjoy taking photos! Kind of hard not to enjoy taking photos when you’re constantly surrounded by awesome photo stuffs.

I live in the western part of the city so a lot of my photos are taken in the Sunset or the Outer Sunset/Ocean Beach. Yes there’s a beach in San Francisco (many) and no they’re not always foggy.

Took this one at the La Brea Tar Pits (My Girl 2 … anyone?) It’s all about those geometric shadows.

These tights rule, that about sums it up.

You said the Desk-Its were lifesavers. How do they help?
I often catch myself trying to do a million little things at once. The Desk-It helps me focus on what’s really important. They force me to think about my time reasonably, and it takes a lot of weight off my shoulders when I’m trying to figure out what to prioritize and work on next.

Jen’s lovely desk with the Desk-It. Photo by Jen Giese.

Can you give our readers three tips on how best to organize their week using the Desk-Its?

1. Take the time to sit down and plan your week before it starts, before you start working on anything else. That last bit is important — you gotta plan before you do anything. If I don’t plan I’ll spend the entire morning hacking away at little tasks that make me feel accomplished (like emails) but in reality aren’t that important.

2. Stick to the list. You can make as many lists as you’d like but it takes discipline to actually follow them. Follow the list, don’t make exceptions.

3. Try to keep your must-do’s for the day under 5 (most of the time I try to keep mine at 3). Be reasonable with your time and start small. You want to actually do these things! You can always add more stuff later.

Those are great tips! The rule of threes sounds like it’ll save our sanity. Thanks, Jen!

Check out Jen’s photographs on flickr.

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