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Full Page Ads, A Space to Curate

Marc Atlan for Poketo

Flipping through past issues of Beautiful/Decay, Giant Robot, and Joel Speasmaker’s, The Drama and came across our ads. I shouldn’t say ads, as to us, they were more like full page art. Less about selling anything specific, more about a space for curatorial, showcasing art and the artist.

I am stoked to be part of these pages and to have had the opportunity to showcase some incredible art to thousand and thousands of readers of those highly regarded magazines. Here are a few pieces we’ve done over the years.

Greg LaMarche for Poketo

Chris Pew for Poketo

Heisuke Kitazawa for Poketo

Andrew Jeffery Wright for Poketo

Heisuke Kitazawa for Poketo, this one relating to the Poketo x PCP dinnerware.

Nathalie Roland for Poketo, this one for the collaboration with Postal Service.

While cleaning house, also found some copies of original press. I keep everything, sometimes it’s a burden finding space and organizing, but, I’m sure I’ll rediscover this past press again and not regret keeping these gems. It’s all a part of our history I’m keeping, someone at Poketo has got to do it.

This is from The Independent Newspaper (UK) when Poketo was listed in their top 100 Best Gifts in the World Holiday Guide. Wow, I hope we still live up to that. The other is from XFuns (Taiwan), they did a 6 or so page spread and interview with us. What’s rad is that Gary Baseman was the cover artist for this issue a few years back and we now have the honor to collaborate with Gary on a series of wallets that we just launched recently. Awesome how things align.

On a side note… Once lost, now found! My copies of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve and Derek Kirk Kim’s “Same Difference and Other Stories”. We just saw Derek this weekend, he’s working on a couple of new books, making films, and living high from his Eisner award over the summer. Remember the wallets Derek did for Poketo?

The Drama… one of the raddest quarterly mags of the time.

Issue of KAWS and our friends, Kozyndan in GR

Issue of Jesse LeDoux in Beautiful/Decay

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