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Friends, then pizza…

If you’ve been following our or Twitter, you know we’ve been cooking up a storm and have been making lots and lots of pizza from scratch. I have been trying to perfect this and be consistent with an awesome crust. Lots of experimentation, but, I’m getting closer and closer to that puffy, airy pizza crust that just poofs up when you pop it on the stone. Having friends over helps with the process… three batches of dough, slight variations, lots of notes taken. All of that of course is just an excuse to have friends over.

Our 4th pizza. Looking good!

Mr. John Pham
Mr. John Pham loves pizza. Can’t you tell?

Angela, Saelee, Vania, Vivian
Saelee Oh going for it.

introvert or extrovert... weird games
Vivian breaking out into spontaneous game play…

Patrick, a great slicer
Thanks Patrick for being such a good slicer.

Lovely Carmina…

Foodie and radio producer, Angela… of course documenting and instagramming.

Jen and Nori
Jen and Nori…

Fiona scrounging
Little Fiona, scrounging.

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