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This eighth issue of Uppercase magazine is about the “surprising plays of scale… small things big and big things small… small is innovative, small is indie, small is familiar, and small is strange. We’re inspired-in a big way-by small things”- Janine Vangool-publisher, editor, designer.

Big or small, we are honored to be part of the pages of the first of 2011s Uppercase Magazine! It was even more special to be interviewed by our dear friend, Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind for this issue. Something different Erin did through our interview was pull from our experiences of starting and growing Poketo and then highlighted them as “pro tips” about running a creative business.

Like Poketo, Uppercase is a passion project – Janine does everything within the magazine (publisher, editor, and designer-wow!) and she relies on reader subscription to keep it going. A beautiful magazine, you’ll find interviews, studio visits, and beautiful imagery and articles. Uppercase also publishes books, most recently, “A Collection a Day”, a catalog of odds and ends by Lisa Congdon. Lisa is a long time Poketo collaborator and it’s awesome to see this book do so well.

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