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Floating through Space with Madsteez: Interview

Enter into the wonderful, colorful, zany world of Madsteez–designer of the Nike 6.0 StinkWeen Braata and the new Poketo Madsteez Braata wallet. Despite being super sick and super busy, he stops for a chat with Poketo. If you’re haven’t had the chance, drop by Jack’s or The Motel No Tell to get your kicks and your wallet today!


What was your morning like?

My morning was like floating through space wrapped in a burrito smothered in ranch dressing and dipped in peanut butter. I’ve been super sick lately and haven’t been able to sleep due to everything STINKWEEN and I finally resulted to drugging myself with nighttime Tylenol even though I despise the following day of residue.

The last time I took nighttime cold medicine was when I was going to a once in a lifetime meeting with Larry David (ya, the man responsible for Seinfeld) and I had the worst headache of all time. I asked for some Advil prior to leaving at my friends house and fired up 4 of those bad boys like usual. Next thing I know, I’m hydroplaning to another planet. Of course my friend mixes his bottle of Advil with nighttime medicine and fails to leave that out when telling me where the bottle was. I literally slept through the entire meeting; face down on the table with drool soiling my flesh. It was like a Seinfeld episode and couldn’t have been scripted any better, besides the fact that I don’t think Larry wasn’t too amused and I never heard from him again. 


What was your inspiration behind designing the Nike 6.0 StinkWeen Braata and the Poketo Madsteez Braata Wallet?

It all started as a mentor project where I got to select an up and coming shitd!k and bring him along for the ride. I had already been breast-feeding my good homey Evan “STINK” Rossell and I knew he’d be perfect. I have my characters called the WEEN!MALS and his forte is his kreepy decrepit creatures so I thought, why not artificially inseminate our guys and together and give birth to bastard child. The STINKWEEN was born!


How do you hope someone will feel wearing your shoes?

This is a great question, which I hadn’t thought about till the other day when my friend brought this up as well. I want peeps to feel like me and STINK just THREW UP profusely all over your feet!

Like BLLLLAAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHHWWWWWGGGWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! And then once you get past the dry-heaving your like TA-DOWWWWW!!!!!!

Name some of your all time heros.

 I’m gonna have to say PEE-WEE Herman. That dood is legit! I want my house to look just like his and eat Mr.T’s for breakfast!!!!! And I’m equally as down for yanking in theaters!
The obvious next choice is Troy Aikman. Or maybe that’s only cuz that’s who I told ski patrol was my hero when broke my wrist and suffered a massive concussion from a cartwheeling snowboarding incident.


You’ve had your hand on so many projects lately like with Boost, Mobile, Target, Stüssy, Ben Sherman, Volkswagon, and the list goes on…How do you approach each of your projects?

It always seems that subconsciously I make the most hideous or ridiculous thing I can get away with. I don’t know how I’ve been able to brainwash these companies for this long. Because usually I am the only customer since ultimately, I make everything for myself.

What is one place that your art has taken you that you would’ve never imagined to be. What was that like?

I must say I really enjoyed my stay at the OCJ (Orange County Jail). It’s pretty rad when you have bronchitis and the speed freak in your cell says, “Cough one more time and ill shove your head through the cement” or when you have to take a shit and the only toilet paper is a lightly-seasoned piss soaked brown paper bag with regurgitated bologna chilln’ on top. 

Describe your style in three words…

Thanks Madsteez! It’s been so much fun working with you. Good luck with everything to come!!

For more information about this Poketo x Nike Collaboration here.

And for more of Madsteez’s work and info, visit

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