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Designer Profile: Eric Trine

Eric Trine is a Los Angeles-based studio artist and designer whose projects vary from small scale design for commercial clients to furniture, sculpture, and decorative objects for the home. Notable for his use of geometry and color, as displayed in his iconic Rod & Weave Chair and Octahedron planters and tables, Eric is also 1/2 of the creative genius behind the multimedia Alley-Oop exhibitions at Poketo. Eric took the time out of his very busy life—not only is he a successful designer, he’s a dad!—to let us pry a little.


Favorite Color/Material/Shape:

Greens/Leather/Platonic Solids

Name a current designer you admire.

Ahhh, this is always a tough one, because I don’t really follow the work of other designers outside of my peers. Sometimes I feel like it’s silly, but the truth is, I don’t get a lot of energy from looking at the work of other designers. I have, however, been paying attention to painters a lot lately, like Ellsworth Kelly and Sister Corita Kent.

What was the first object you ever created?

As a child I used to make a lot of musical instruments out of old tupperware, string, and tape. As an adult, I’ve made a ton of stuff, so I’ll answer with the first thing that I made that I was really proud of; a game changer. I made a chair my first semester of graduate school. My first chair ever. That really ramped up my whole fascination/interest/development in furniture design.

What’s playing in your studio right now?
Monster Rally

Best thing about being a dad?

Watching my daughter experience everything for the first time. Everything is so new! She has no associations, so everything is open and new. She even has to learn how to laugh. So crazy!

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