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Creative Uses for Tea Towels

We’re thrilled that you guys love our new kitchen linens collection as much as we do. They are such a delight to behold and can be used in so many ways – as placemats, to line serving trays and fruit baskets or to decorate the home.

One of our customers, Min Choi, kindly shared with us her creative take on our tea towels – by using it as gift wrap for boxed liquor and a bottle of wine! We love how easy it is, and best of all, can be re-used long after the gifts have been unwrapped. Here’s her step-by-step guide for stylishly wrapped presents:

For boxed gifts


1. Place your gift in the center of the tea towel.
2. Take one end of the tea towel and fold it over the gift.
3. Lift the bottom of the tea towel and hold it in place.
4. Take the opposite end of the tea towel and make a triangular fold with it.
5. Wrap the triangular fold over the gift, then twist the top and fasten it with ribbon or twine.

For a bottle of wine


1. Slip the neck of your wine bottle through the loop at the back of the tea towel to secure it.
2. Take one end of the tea towel and fold it over the bottle.
3. Roll the bottle towards the other end of the tea towel.
4. Tuck in the ends and secure the package with the loop on the tea towel.

Thank you Min, for showing us how you are re-purposing our tea towels!

How are you using your Poketo kitchen linens? We’d love to hear from you!

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