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Cool Products You Need To Know About

Here’s your weekly dose of interesting products we think will make your life more interesting.

1. The “Ink” Calendar:


See time pass through the magic of ink! This calendar slowly absorbs the ink, revealing a new number representative of the date.

2. Book themed Bookmarks




Instead of ruining the pages of your book by folding corners, why not use these bookmarks which have been carefully crafted to match the theme of the book. An idea created by Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy.

3. “Crtl + Z” Cards


These super geeky “sorry” cards should “un-do” whatever it is you did.

4. Sudoku Toilet Paper


Toilet paper really doesn’t have that much use for anything else other than wiping bodily fluids. Until I found this! Ingenius! Kills two birds with one stone. Saves paper!

5. Portable Lunch Setting


Designed by Demelza Hill, this portable lunch setting is so cool! But it still hasn’t really addressed the biggest issue of portable eating which is cutting food with a knife and fork. Yes, those utensils are present, but dont you still need to sit down at a table to do that?

All Via Design Fetish

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