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Coming to Life

If you look closely at children’s artwork, you can truly appreciate their untainted, creative fantasies, portrayed through imaginative shapes and colors. Speaking honestly from their hearts in their everyday creations, we sometimes take children’s artwork for granted; perhaps thinking that they are just mindless doodles.

This is definitely not the case with artist Yeondoo Jung, who often experiments with the concept of memory and nostalgia, while also appreciating children’s artwork through his own interpretations.

Next time you see a child hard at work with some paper and crayons, make sure you give their drawing a second chance as you never know what beautiful and sincere story they are trying to share with you!

Following are some examples of Yeondoo’s work from his “Wonderland” series.


“Little Red Riding Hood”, c-print


“Mother’s Garden”
, c-print


“I Want to Be a Singer”, c-print

What artwork would you like to see come to life? I personally think it would be so fun to see PCP’s “Hungry Ghosts Got in My Way, Get Away!” come to life.


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