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Cave Dwelling


Cave dwelling never looked so good in Festus, Missouri. This 17,000 sq. ft. home which was once a sand mine is now inhabited by a family of five. Even with minor kinks like the occasional falling of sand, and the constant need for a dehumidifier, the interior design of this space is cozy and inviting. The Sleeper family, currently residing in this house used to live in tents for a couple of months, and also ran the risk of foreclosure. After an intense PR push alongside a heartfelt story of blood, sweat, and tears, the Sleeper family today is safe and sound in their comfortable cave home.


Even a cave can have a bright and airy hallway.


Geothermal and passive solar make the interior of this space a comfortable temperature year round.

kids bedroom

A kid’s bedroom juxtaposed to the walls of a sandstone cave.


A view from the top (left), Being one with nature in a nice hot bubble bath (right).

All pics via LAtimes

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