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Capturing a golden era, Danny Simon

You know that gorgeous A-Frame plant hanger you’ve seen on Poketo? A little bit about that piece… the straps are vintage military, the hardware is quality brass, and the wood is a beautiful, Brazilian hardwood. It could be hung on a hook or wrapped around a beam, both indoors and outdoors… And the designer, meet Danny Simon.

Do you yourself more as a designer, builder, furniture maker?

I am a designer and a builder. My ability to build is a result of wanting to accomplish a particular design to meet my own standards. I love to conceptualize but I also really love working with my hands.

When did you start ?

I’ve been an artist my whole life. I used to design space ships when I was a kid. I’ve shifted slightly to more practical things that I can actually build myself.

What types of pieces do you usually create?

Well, I love space and how we interact with it. I like homes the most, so the majority of stuff I’ve made is for the home, inside and out. I’ve built decks and pergolas, coffee tables, benches, planters; both standing and hanging, amongst other things. I usually create pieces that are rustic in material but modern in design.

If there was one thing that you think makes your work a different from others, what would it be?

I embrace “flaws” in materials and sometimes even showcase them in a piece to add character.

You were born and raised in Southern California. How does California influence your work?

California has everything as far as nature is concerned. I try and make stuff that speaks of some golden-era that has been or could have been. Something that makes people think about that nature.

What inspired you to design the A-frame plant hanger?

A-frame in Architecture and the fact that I’ve really never seen a plant hanger that I’ve liked.

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