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Camilla Engman’s Dreamy Scenes

Camilla Engman has an international following of admirers, and we at Poketo are no exception. Camilla has done wallet designs for us in the past and of course, are totally sold out and gone. But, we did bring back one design for the Poketo for Target collection. Camilla’s imagery has a wide emotional range. Some are dark and moody, others are light and whimsical. If you haven’t seen her studio in Sweden, it’s breathtaking, open, spare and cozy. Totally one of those places that you could be at work all day long.

Below, she shares with us pictures not of her studio, but, even better… her home. On top of that, some special illustrations of things real and imagined… just for Poketo!

Check out Camilla’s blog, a beautiful documentation of her everyday life in Sweden. Don’t forget to check out Camilla’s design Poketo x Target here, and of course, in Target stores nationwide.

And if you are curious, here is her studio. Amazing.

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