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Camera ready!

Summertime is when we go out and have a little fun. That means planning a trip (even just out the door) and taking our trusty cameras with us along for the ride.

This week, we’re sharing a few finds from the shop that add a little oomph to your usual snap.

They all look great, but it’s the photos they take that really add fun to an already awesome summer day. My favorites are the ones that literally change the way you see a shot.

Wide Angle Cameras

The wide angle lens on the Angel cameras expands your view. It makes me realize just how big this world is. It’d be perfect for a trip….

…even ones just outside my door. Here’s Nori out for walk.

The vastness of Downtown LA.

Sometimes, it takes two photos are better than one. The Golden Half camera lets you put together two photos that can tell interesting stories together.

This is Ted on a joy ride in Los Angeles. I love how you can see the driver and the view all in one photo.

What do you think Nori is up to and where is he? :)

If split screens aren’t for you, how about stepping into the shoes (fins?) of a fish? The Fisheye No. 2 Camera takes you there.

Here’s a cow from a different perspective.

The Fisheye makes something old new again. The 1918 Hotel Gellert by the Danube takes on a very different look apart from the guidebooks.

How about seeing the world through a spider’s eyes? The Oktomat takes eight shots consecutively and puts the images all in one 35mm frame.

No cows. How about daffodils? :)

Love how the yellow ball suddenly pops up on frame.

The world can be seen through so many perspectives (and lenses). Sometimes, it’s also a trip in itself to see how it can change from one shot to another.

So, how do you see the world? Share your favorite summer shots with us on our Facebook, we’d love to see where you’ve been and what you’ve seen!

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