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Artists Helping Japan

The news from Japan continues to be more and more devastating. The effects of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami have resulted in over 10,000 missing or presumed dead, 450,000 people displaced and in shelters, entire towns being swept away by the ocean, and the Fukushima nuclear reactor leak that has not yet been fully contained and that already exceeds the worst-case-scenario design specifications for US reactors.

We’ve been in touch with friends in Tokyo… although they are relatively safe compared to places hardest hit in Japan, they are still being affected by things we sometimes take for granted. Our friend Heisuke Kitazawa sent us reports of rolling electrical blackouts and hour long lines at the market for food and water. A friend of his has been directly affected- displacing him, his wife, and his two kids (4 years old and 7 month old) in a shelter… not even knowing if they have a home to go back to.

I want to share some ways artists are involved and how you can support Japan relief and individuals directly… including the family I just mentioned. If you all can share more ways to support, please do.

Learn more and donate at to help personal friends of Heisuke Kitazawa who were directly affected.

Mike Perry is giving proceeds from his online shop to Japan Relief. is giving to Global Giving with the purchase of this special print by Cole Gerst.

Max Erdenberger of Wk Studio has designed a Japan earthquake and tsunami relief poster.

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