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Argentina, PLOT-ing

We had a wonderful visit yesterday with the publisher-creative director-former architect Florencia Rodriguez of architectural quarterly, PLOT. She along with Cynthia and the photographer, Pablo, stopped by the Poketo studio for a recorded interview and to photograph the Poketo world. It always makes us a little nervous having a microphone in front of us… and the studio, well, because we do everything out of here, it’s always usually a mess. One way we like to flip the switch is take folks up to the Poketo rooftop. From up there, it’s miles and miles of LA skyline and gorgeous skies… ice, broken.

Published in Argentina, PLOT is an incredibly polished magazine about global architecture. What an honor it was for the crew to come all the way out to LA to interview us. Florencia is launching a new magazine, PUL, about art-design-culture. We’ll be one of the first features along with other awesome folks here in LA. Wait and see, we’ll post it when it’s out!

The Plot Magazine crew in LA

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