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All-in-one bag for all occasions

We never know what’s going to happen in any given day. One minute we’re out for pleasant cup of coffee, the next we’re planning a fancy-ish dinner out, which is why I’m currently loving our Astrid All-in-one bag. Its intentionally flexible design means that it can change depending on what I need it to be in the blink of an eye.

I’m a can-do kind of girl, so I’m partial to the backpack configuration. It has even support and Astrid’s triangular shape is perfectly set off.

There are times when something a little more surprising is needed. That’s when a handy zipper in between the shoulder straps close to form a slingback.

Or, I can just carry it around with me wherever I need to go.

Best of all, Astrid has all three outside pockets where I can easily slip in my keys, ID, basically everything that I scrounge around for every day.

With its buttery soft leather, Astrid goes from easy casual to chic night out without me having to worry too. Check out some of our new bags on

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