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Adventure Time x Poketo! Artist Feature: Jolby

For the limited edition release of the second series of Poketo x Adventure Time wallets, Poketo had the chance to work with four unique artists, all driven by their love of the show and their own creative spirits. For each artist, the process of creating their designs took different and intriguing paths; the first of which is showcased here in our interview with Jolby, a powerhouse design studio from Portland, Oregon.

What was your inspiration for your wallet designs?

We wanted to create a wallet that was had a few purposes instead of just a place to keep your coins. Finn and Jake have such recognizable features, we thought designing the front of the wallets as masks would be a cool way for anyone to make all of their future purchases in disguise. We wanted the owner of this wallet to feel like they can put it up to their face and become the character instantly. You should try it out on your friends or even your grandma. I bet she’ll be like, “Whoa no way who let this crazy person into my home you should try some pie I just made.”

Jolby Wallet Transformation

Who are your top three favorite characters, and why?

1. Beemo: We love this little machine!
2. Abracadaniel: A wacky weird wizard. Makes us laugh so hard.
3. Prismo: We’d share pickles with him any day.

What do you want the Adventure Time fan to feel when carrying your wallet?

We want them to feel like they can act as either Finn or Jake at any time. They just need to hold up the wallet to their face and they’ll magically transform.

Can you draw us an imaginary Adventure Time character that has never been seen, but you would love to see? What does it do?

Jolby Adventure Time Character

His name is Wharf Jamul-jar and he’s an aspiring chef in the Land of Ooo. He’ll come to your house and cook you some grub in exchange for some old, stinky shoes.


Jolby & Friends is a collaborative creative studio based in Portland, Oregon. Founders Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols combine their talents as art directors, designers and illustrators, utilizing their experience from working within agencies over the course of their careers. They try to achieve two goals within the work they create: “tell a memorable story” and “make people smile.”

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