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Adventure Time x Poketo: A Sketchbook Interview with Artist Nathalie Roland

For the limited edition release of the second series of Adventure Time wallets, Poketo had the chance to work with four unique artists, all driven by their love of the show and their own creative spirits. For each artist, the process of creating their designs took different and intriguing paths; Nathalie Roland of Headphonerecord illustrates this awesome interview for us. Get lost in all of the details here, enjoy! Check out of Nathalie’s Breakfast Time Wallet and All Start Jam Session Wallet.

What was your inspiration for your wallet designs?

Nathalie Roland

Who are your top three favorite characters, and why?

Can you draw us an imaginary Adventure Time character that has never been seen, but you would love to see? What does it do?

Check out all of Nathalie’s Adventure Time wallets here.

Nathalie Roland is a music and breakfast enthusiast living in San Francisco, California. When she is not working in her studio, she may be found riding her bicycle to the beach or searching for her favorite song at local record stores.

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