Suddenly, cooking at home has become our entertainment, survival strategy, family bonding activity, and necessary distraction while social distancing. Members of the Poketo family and our greater community of artists and makers shared some of the go-to recipes that are getting them through this time of dining at home. To take your cooking to the next level, explore our unique Tabletop Collection to help prepare and enjoy these delectable selections. Hope you’re hungry! 

Poketo Bamboo Bowls and Plates

Poketo co-founders Angie and Ted turn to this Cacio e Pepe recipe by Bon Appétit time and again for some pure comfort food that requires just a handful of common ingredients you’re likely to already have on hand. “Super easy but satisfying,” says Angie—and perfect on our dishwasher-safe bamboo dinner plates. (Pictured: Bamboo Dinner Plates in Fragments, Doodles, and Drops; Bamboo Salad Plates in Blots, Doodles, and Fragments; Bamboo Bowls in Abstract and Blots; Bamboo Coasters in Blue Abstract, Pink Abstract, and Yellow Abstract)

Poketo Bowls

For a bright and fresh dash of green in your meal, Ted suggests this Korean spinach dish from Korean Bapsang, common as a side dish in many Korean meals or as a component of bibimbap. Our biodegradable bamboo bowls are the perfect size for a generous serving. (Pictured: Bamboo Bowl Set in Abstract)

Poketo Tea Towels and Plates

Los Angeles-based ceramicist and friend of Poketo Raina J. Lee puts her own spin on this mason jar sauerkraut recipe from Kitchn. Her preferred modifications? “A handful of dill, scallions, ginger, wakame seaweed, jalapeño, mustard seeds, coriander, black peppercorns, gochugaru pepper flakes or any other aromatics you want to add.” (Pictured: Linen Tea Towel Set in Multi; Bamboo Dinner Plate in Outline; Bamboo Salad Plate in Abstract)

For dessert, Poketo COO Eric indulges in this Tasty recipe for Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cookies. They’re “ridiculous,” he says, in the best way possible. And the perfect after-dinner coffee companions. (Pictured: Glass Cream and Sugar Set)

For more items for your kitchen, table, and belly, check out our Tabletop Collection