Studies show that a quarterly window is ideal for setting and accomplishing both professional and personal goals. It’s long enough to really see results, but short enough to keep up momentum and motivation. Our new Quarterly Goal Planner is designed to help you get to whatever finish line you want to set for yourself. 

Keep reading to check out all the features in the newest addition to our family of planners...

Poketo Quarterly Goal Planners: goal-setting pages

Goal-setting: Start your quarter off on a mindful note. Fill in your goal start and end dates and use the prompts to help you think about what you really want to accomplish.


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planners: monthly plan pages

Monthly plan: One of the best parts about the Quarterly Goal Planner (and all of our planners!) is that the calendars are open-dated. That means you can start and end your quarter goal any time you want. The monthly calendar section also features sections for ideas and notes so you can get your thoughts down as the months go by.


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planners: Weekly plan pages

Weekly plan: The weekly calendar section allows you to list your action items for each week, and gives you prompts to spend time writing about your accomplishments, challenges, and learnings.


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planners: Daily Plan pages

Daily plan: The best way to accomplish big things is to focus on small habits. The daily calendar section allows you to track your progress day to day, and meditate on your goals, inspirations, hurdles, and moments of joy.


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planners: Wrap-up pages

Finish Line: One of the best parts of accomplishing a goal is taking some time to recognize and celebrate it! The Quarterly Goal Planner features a wrap-up section with more thoughtful prompts. It’s a chance for you to step back and think about all you’ve done in the last quarter, and, if you like, set your goals for the next quarter.


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planner: Note pages

There’s also space to jot down any other thoughts, contacts, notes, or ideas — whatever’s on your mind!


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planners

Once you challenge yourself to one quarter, we think you’ll be hooked and want to get another planner for every following quarter. Luckily, the Quarterly Goal Planner comes in four complementary designs so that you can track your goals for an entire year. We’re excited for our newest planner to help you reach your goals, whatever those goals may be!