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Zaha Hadid & Potato Chips

My subscription to New Yorker ran out in September. This article about Zaha Hadid just made me subscribe to it once again. Sure, it’s a weekly magazine so they can really pile up. But really, New Yorker is my favorite magazine of all time and after reading about the tragedy of I.D’s demise, I decided to make a small contribution to the print industry. Especially after discovering this wonderful audio of John Seabrook talking about Zaha Hadid’s latest building, MAXXI in Rome.


Following is the excerpt from the New Yorker article. The writer, John Seabrook describes his lunch with Zaha Hadid during the interview.
- – - – - –

“The sandwich came with potato chips, and Hadid examined one, turning it in her fingers, which were long and tapered and ended in bright-red nails, before putting it into her mouth. The twisty geometry of an ordinary potato chip, to say nothing of the curves in modern cars and phones, is a reminder of how few buildings look as if they belonged in the digital world. Hadid is devoted to helping architecture catch up.”

- – - – - –

And this is where the fun begins. I found these funny comparisons that Fast Company put together between Zaha Hadid’s buildings and potato chip counterparts. Though I highly doubt that she was thinking of Pringles, Funyons, Lays, and Tostitos as she was designing these amazing buildings, but isn’t it still so fun?

The Nuragic and Contemporary Art Museum in Cagliari, Italy; Lays Potato Chips

VorteXX Chandelier for Zumtobel and Sawaya; Funyuns

Aqua Table for Established & Sons; Tostitos Scoops

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