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You are richer than you think! Now do something!

Just saw this amazing site, Global Richlist via our friend Han Wang of The Invisible Cities. UK design firm Poke created this to challenge people’s perception of their personal wealth. Let’s be frank! We’re obsessed with wealth as a society and we constantly guage how rich we are by looking upwards at those who have more than us, thereby making us feel poor. But in fact, we are in the privileged minority having more than pretty much most people in the world.


The website asks you to type in your annual income so I typed in $50,000 which is equal to 2006 American Census Bureau median household income. You’ll be surprised to find that you’re actually in the top 1% of the richest in the world!


I put in another number, $250,000 to be exact, the household income at which Obama said he would scale back the tax cuts.


This time you’re in the top 0.001% richest people in the world, making about $133.54 an hour.

What do these exercises and nifty little infographics prove? That you’re actually way richer than you think and that you can totally help out those that need help. After all, isn’t this the real meaning of Christmas?

Happy Holidays everyone!

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