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Will Bryant’s Guide to Portland

In anticipation of our upcoming Alley-Oop II exhibition, we asked Portland, Oregon-based artist Will Bryant to give us his take on the city that he calls home. He was, might we say, overly enthusiastic, which is great and only makes us want to visit Portland more! Read on for Will’s suggestions on where to eat, drink, shop, and get out in nature, and enjoy his appropriately-toned anecdotes along the way.

Hi! My name is Will and everything is my favorite. I like so many things. Are these the BEST places in Portland? I dunno. Maybe. They’re my favorite places when I’m there! Also, it’s worth to note that nearly every place in Portland has good food, cocktails, beer selection and a concern for atmosphere/experience. To give some context to my selections below—I live in NE Portland, my studio is in SE, and I teach at Portland State in SW.


Boke Bowl I see lots of cute families here. The branding is a treat and so is the food—brussel sprout salad and fried chicken steam buns!
Pok Pok Noi Tastytown, USA! This location is very close to my house and is rarely as busy as the one on Division. Condensed menu but still offers specials and staples like their delicious wings (Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings).
Dove Vivi This one is a Bryant house staple. Cornmeal crust pizza that’s close to our house! Definitely get the kale salad and a corn slice. The others are wonderful too!
Broder Charm city! Get there early for brunch and let the incredible wait staff take care of you.
Trifecta Tavern Everything I’ve ever had here has been delicious. (also Ken’s Artisan Pizza)
Dig A Pony Chill bar that gets filled with the sun (whenever it decides to show up), tasty happy hour, and current home of Adam Garcia’s Spelling Bee! Later in the evening some solid DJs spin and there’s dancing.
The Bye and Bye Vegan bar home to the BBQ Brussel Bowl and the North Williams (bourbon & spicy ginger beer cocktail).
Spirit of 77 “The best sports bar in the world.”-Me. This spot has great energy and was beautifully designed by the fellas at OMFGCO.

Table of Contents

Spend Your Money (or someone else’s if you’re lucky)
Table of Contents This place is COOL. So much style, such epic taste covering apparel to publications. Poketo fans will love this space.
Lowell Charming shop that has wonderful ceramics, zines, and vintage finds.
Nationale One of my favorite galleries / shops, the roster of artists they represents is inspiring. Great book selection too.
Land Some of the best folks in town! Land/Buy Olympia gallery and shop that’s extremely supportive and fun. These folks take care of me.
Machus Amazing menswear shop, I can’t pull off a lot things they carry but I really enjoy looking. And it smells good.
Poler Flagship Store Camp Vibes/chill space that jam-packed with cool gear.
Tanner Goods Flagship Leather goods and a great stock of menswear. Hopefully Colton is working when you stop by—the BEST dude. (Also, they recently opened a shop in LA)
Beam & Anchor This place REALLY smells good. Housewares, furniture, vintage, modern, all housed in a beautiful space.

Forest Park

Beauty Nature
Forest Park Just a few steps from downtown and you’ve landed on the moon of Endor hanging out with Ewoks. This is a HUGE park that is wonderful and filled with trails for you to wander.
Laurelhurst Park Laurelhurst is great Portland neighborhood that’s home to this charming park. Dogs roaming, frisbee throwing, and you might even see the Bryant’s cornhole-ing here.
Wallace Park / Irving Park I enjoy playing pickup basketball at these two parks. When the weather is nice, you can find a game any weekend.

Will Bryant’s work (in collaboration with Eric Trine) will be on view at Poketo during the Alley-Oop II exhibition. Stop by the opening on April 5th to view the exhibition and then come party with us at The Line after!

Alley-Oop II at Poketo
Opening April 5th, 5-8pm
820 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

After Party at The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 381-7411

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