With our debut book CREATIVE SPACES (published by Chronicle Books), we feature some of the most creative minds and talents that we've had the honor to call friends and collaborators. They were kind enough to open their doors and share their creative processes and how the space around them has shaped their journeys.

David Irvin (designer for LINE HOTEL Sprinkles, Hinoki & the Bird, etc.) at his hotel, Native, in Malibu.

David Irvin (designer for LINE HOTEL, Gjelina, Sprinkles, Hinoki & the Bird featured in our book) at his hotel, Native, in Malibu, CA.

Much of the reason why we wrote this book stems from our own struggle to balance work/life. Both Ted and I have lived together and worked together 24/7 for the past 16 years, and it's always difficult to find the ideal work/life balance. But it also can be the most enjoyable part of what we get to do every day. We get to enjoy all the small victories while also sharing the difficulty of running 100% independently funded business as a team.

We started Poketo in a tiny studio apartment in SF, moved into a room at Ted's parents' home, then gradually worked our way to now. It’s been a winding, unpredictable road, but with each move and each space, our business focus shifted. Bigger space meant bigger opportunities, which led us from our first storefront to 4 locations across Los Angeles.

The Poketo Project Space @ ROW DTLA, one of four stores across LA.

The Poketo Project Space @ ROW DTLA, one of four stores across LA.

We've since filled the space with the things we love. From the products that infuse art, design, and fun into our every day to the various pop-ups, art shows, and workshops with collaborators, Poketo is definitely a creative space for me. I’m personally inspired by the people that fill this place, whether they're our team, the designers and artists we invite, friends, workshop attendees, our supporters and just about anyone who steps into the store.

People come together for a workshop at Poketo.
Friends come together for a workshop at Poketo.

But while writing this book we learned that the true creative space knows no boundaries. A creative space can be anywhere; from your studio, home, favorite cafés, museums, galleries, favorite shops, nature, places you travel to, stumble upon, or even those places in your mind, your imagination. The creative space is not purely physical, but a mental state of being where you feel free to be creative and to ultimately, be you.

Creative Spaces is out now