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Welcome back, Eleanor Grosch

Eleanor Grosch has been part of the Poketo family almost since day one. She graced us with one of our very first tee shirt designs, a single color silhouette of a snail in her fun, bold, modern style. She also did a Poketo wallet with us a few years back, a pretty different style combining paper cutouts, lots of texture, and fabric. Both styles sold out, no doubt. We’ve been keeping in touch with her through the years and it’s safe to say she has only gotten more amazing and has really solidified her clean, bold, graphic aesthetic. Not only that, but, Eleanor is one of the coolest people, it’s always a pleasure. Meet Eleanor…

We’re so excited to work with you again after a few years since we first worked together. How has your work changed since that time.

I think that most of the change has been branching out and trying alterations to the core style I started with. I’ve noticed more stylization and abstraction in my work since our last wallet.

Tell us a little about this new work that was turned into the Poketo wallet.

I saw some beautiful Otomi fabric on a trip and wanted to do a version of the traditional textile. The animals are right up my alley!

When did you first realize you fascination for animals?

Gosh, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a little obsessed with one animal or another as a kid.  The first one was a harp seal – I had a toy version that I carried around day and night.

Are there any reoccurring themes in your illustrations? If so, what are they and why?

I think my overall theme is simplification – I’ve always been that way. It’s funny to look back at drawings from my high school days and see that I was already thinking in shapes more than textures.

Who are your inspirations, heroes when you first got started?

My first design heroes are the poster designers I met through – they still amaze me.  They worked in a modernist style that really made sense to the way I think too. Then came comparisons to Charley Harper and Alexander Girard, and I couldn’t believe my eyes – instant worship!

You have designed such a wide variety of products – is there anything you haven’t done that you still want to do?

I still would love to design sheets and carry a theme through a bedding collection. That seems really cool, and I’m a major cuddler, so bedtime is my favorite!

Thanks Eleanor! We love you and it’s such a pleasure to do part 2 with you after all these years.

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