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Wall of Pullip

On my quest for Christmas presents, I came across Valley of the Dolls from our friend, Jessica. I was looking for Blythe, but, she turned me on to a Korean doll, Pulliip. Similar to Blythe–very feminine, fashionable, highly collectible, and a huge fan base. Runs of the dolls range from a couple hundred to a normal run of 4,000. I walked into the store and people were very eager to talk about their Pullips and give me suggestions on the one I was about to choose. Scot, the owner of Valley of the Dolls gave me the lowdown on Pullip, her sister, her friends, and boyfriend. He had an amazing store with walls of the dolls and a whole other side of Blythe. Blythe of course from Japan and Pullip from Korea, Scot had to keep them separated.Blythe of course has a long history of cool and we all know the huge following it has, from collectors to people who make a living off of just customizing them. Junie Moon in Daikanyama, Tokyo is the premier shop for Blythe and has carried Poketo back when we met Junko Wong a year or two ago.

I never saw the fascination with these dolls…. well until now. The dolls are super cool, I could see how people can get fanatical. I have not gone as far as getting one for myself, but, I was happy to give and enjoy from the sidelines.


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