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Visual Inspiration: Molly McGrath

Formally trained as an architect, San Francisco-based designer Molly McGrath turned to design after experimenting with a laser cutter and realizing its unique potential. With a focus on conceptual integrity and material exploration, Molly’s work is a synthesis of concept, form, detail, connection, and use. From the work of Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier to the textiles of Danish designer Arne Jacobsen and the city streets of Berlin, Molly draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, a few of which she shares with us below.


I get really inspired by surface design, and was very excited when I came across this amazing mural in New York.

My background is in architecture, and seeing Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation outside of Berlin was a big highlight of the year.

Another picture from that trip to Berlin – a typical piece of architecture on the Karl-Marx-Allee.

Textiles by two of my favorite designers – Axel Salto on the left and Arne Jacobsen on the right.

I love the graphic quality of all of Paul Rudolph’s work.

Paper graffiti on an East London Wall.

Close-up of a high rise apartment tower in downtown San Francisco – the light was hitting it perfectly that day.

Just a few of the beautiful forms I saw on a recent trip to Morocco.

A house by Albert Frey. I love how he documents the desert landscape and incorporates into his work.

A letter from Sol Le Witt, line-work extraordinaire.

A collection of Dutch supertax fabrics I use for my prints. I cannot get enough of the forms, colors, and cultural mashup in these fabrics.

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