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Using Our Next Page Collection to Achieve Your Goals

The New Year leaves us thinking up new goals and new plans. And fresh ideas deserve fresh starts. Learn how to take your ideas from visualization to realization with our Object Notebook, Concept Planner, and Project Planner.

Object Notebook
Before any revolutionary invention, behind every movement, there was first an idea. The Object Notebook can be used to capture a fleeting thought, a stream-of-conscious brainstorm, or your doodles. With 140 blank pages that are Smyth-Sewn bound, it offers a clean slate for you to note-take, sketch, and visualize. object notebooksTip: Object Notebooks are great to let loose in. So feel free to let your imagination run wild!

The Project Planner
Take the ideas from the Object Notebook and create a roadmap for them with the Project Planner. The Project Planner offers a birds-eye and in-depth view of your work. Project Planner Lookbook photoWith the Yearly View, you can view your year in a 2-page grid spread, with each row representing one month, this section is ideal for visualizing the Big Picture. Note important dates like vacations and project goals here. planner interior

The Monthly View provides an overview of up to 13 months, where you can write down your monthly goals and important events here.planner interior

Tip: Pair with our Warm and Cool Shape Sticky Notes for a reminder option that pops.
shape stickies in warm and coolThe Weekly Plan is a more detailed look of your day-to-day. From the micro to the macro, you can mark off things your to-do lists and schedule meetings.

planner interiorThe Project Plan section helps break down the nitty-gritty of your projects into manageable tasks. For each project, write tasks, and create timelines for them to track your progress through the month.

planner interior
Tip: For all the go-getters and multitaskers, we recommend using our Double Felt Tip Markers to visually keep track of your progress for different projects.
Our new Project Planners also feature the new Process Notes section, where you can store ideas, lists, and meeting notes that you aren’t sure where to put yet.

planner interior close up

Here is a great video Fabian Molina made featuring the Project Planner and how it helped him to finish his animated film. 


The Concept Planner
The Concept Planner is a versatile everyday planning solution that accompanies you (and your work) from start-point to end-point. It’s perfect for achieving the much coveted work-life balance. planner lookbook photo

Featuring the same Yearly and Monthly Views as the Project Planner, the Concept Planner makes sure your dreams and daily to-do’s are aligned with each other.
The Weekly Plan creates spaces for goals and ideas to guide your week, and offers a comprehensive look into your daily happenings. There are boxes and timestamps for errands, events, and more, as well as plenty of room for notes and sketches on the side.Tip: The Concept Planner’s flexibility allows you to write to-dos non-work related, like buying a gift for your friend’s kid’s first birthday (which, by the way, we’ve got you covered).Just like in the Project Planner, there's a section of lined pages for more notes and ideas in the back. And in the front of each is a place where you can write project goals or goals for your year, to help guide you to where you want to be.

These three create the perfect combination that is guaranteed to keep you feeling organized, motivated, and inspired.project and concept planners and object notebooksHow do you use your Next Page Collection? What are your favorite combos of Poketo items? Let us know in our review sections or on Instagram at @Poketo.

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