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Up, down and around

… that’s where a photographer needs to be to get the “money shot” so to speak. Here’s our primo papparazzo doing his thing:

This is Dikka being all sneaky to get a good shot of Anna in the Peekaboo tank.

We got some funny looks while Dikka was taking this shot. It is in the middle of the street, after all.

Sometimes, photographers have to get down and dirty. Here’s Dikka shooting of Anna in the Smooth Sailing dress punched up with red primary bangles.

Good thing Dikka has a good sense of balance or this shot of the Color Block dress might have not gone so well.

So, we learned that sometimes, you need to ask permission to shoot. Dikka brought out some serious negotiating skills and goofball charm to get that sticker on his shirt.

Look who wants to be in the spotlight. He was on a TV show once, you know.

Oh finally. Dikka’s got great place to rest- behind the fire hydrant!

How far have you gone to take that great shot?

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