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Two lives to live

We live with so many things in life and it’s all too easy to fill up a trash bag full of just random stuff. Then, there are days that we come across a story like Béa Johnson’s of Mill Valley, California. Amazingly, every week, the trash pick-up probably skips her house because there’s just nothing to throw out. Instead, she has a recycling bin and a tiny compost bin.

Stories like Béa’s remind us that everything can have a second (even more fabulous) life like our Street Banner Bags.

From street banners on their way to the city waste basket:

come colorful one-of-a-kind bags durable enough to go wherever you go:

Best of all, each one comes built-in with a story to tell. Just like this.

What around you has a great second life to live? Share your projects with us!

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