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Tom Ford’s A Single Man


For a while now, I had kept Tom Ford’s first film, A Single Man on the back burner, and finally got to see it last night post-Golden Globes. I had my reservations about the film–would this be a 90 minute Gucci commercial? Too many good suits and too little depth? To my surprise, even though it did end up like an extended Gucci commercial of sorts, it almost had to be that way. In fact, it was my favorite part of the movie and anyone could feel Ford’s heavy role in the creative aspect of the film. Colin Firth’s character was so wonderfully tragic, but the cinematography, costume design, and set design were pristine, clean, and beautiful.

This scene reminded me of a commercial the most. The dramatic violin, the unusually long fixation on ‘Carlos’ lips. The back and forth of glances from one hot man to the other. It wasn’t too bad to watch :D

And this was my favorite scene just for the way it successfully, and quite emotionally captured Firth’s memory of his lover on the beach.




It’s so good to see Tom Ford see the potential in Colin Firth as an actor–outside the real of romantic comedies. You almost feel like Firth was born for this role. I hope after this film, people put him in more challenging roles. He’s got the intensity for it, and his accent and good looks don’t hurt either.

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