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Timeless… A Slice of Poketo History

Cleaning shop this weekend, came across a bunch of original Poketo wallets from day one and even a postcard to the art show that launched Poketo. I love finding these old things, it’s like looking through old pictures of friends, parties, family trips… the “remember when?” moments kick in.

Poketo postcard for the first ever artshow in 2003

The first ever art show we did for Poketo was in October 2003. We rented this community art space called Build Gallery. We rented the space for two days and wanted to fill it with as much kick ass events as we could. We invited six of our friends (also artists) to be in the show and what would be the very first collection of Poketo wallets. Angie and I would then spend day and night printing and preparing the wallets at California College of Arts (CCA), where Angie was going to school at the time.

We finished the wallets, invited bands and djs to play at the show, hung tons of original art from the artists, got beer sponsors, and pretty much aimed to throw a big party. It was a perfect event… totally one of those weekends in SF that was unusually balmy, everyone out and having a good time, and needless to say, the wallets sold out. The success and excitement we got from this first show is what got us super excited about the possibilities of Poketo.

Nathalie Roland signing prints

Eamon and Harry, music tag team

My favorite picture of my niece digging our friend Stanley play. This pic is all love.

As we were walking back to our apartment, that is when we decided, lets do more! Over 200 artist collaborations, hundreds of products, tons of brand collaborations from SF MoMA to 826 to Nike to Arcade Fire to Target to too many to list here…. Poketo has grown up a bit, but, it’s cool to see our original vibe from day one still exists. Always about fun, always about bringing people together, and always about bringing the art into the everyday. Thanks you guys for supporting what we do!

Note: Check out our original idea for a Poketo Character (didn’t get far) and our original tagline, “Poketo makes cool stuff out of art” (changed a bit).

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