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This One Made Our Day…

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Well…two things made our day. Since our recent feature in the Business section of the Los Angeles Times, we’ve received an overwhelming outpour of support and love from family, old friends, and new ones alike! We can’t thank you enough for all of your loyal support and your contribution in helping make what Poketo is today. We’ve read every single email, tweet, and Facebook comment since then and were touched by each one.

We receive a lot of emails from artists around the world–which have exponentially increased in number since the article’s release. Most of them range from recent art school grads to young up and coming artists, but there was one email we received yesterday from a Poketo fan who wrote to us about her 75 year-old father. A retired physician, he is a renowned wood-carving artist who’s exhibited internationally and in the States. Recently, he bought a computer, started a blog, AND has taken up Photoshop classes! Alongside his really beautiful woodcarvings, he also has some really rad Photoshop pieces (i.e. like the one dedicated to his grandchildren), and our favorite, the ‘Tiger and Rainbow’ graphic:







What an inspirational man. At 75 years old, we could only have half the creative fervor he does and still die happy.

Cheers to you!

You can visit his site here:

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