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“Think About Honking If You Love Conceptual Art”

The MAK Center presents How Many Billboards? a public art exhibition that showcases 22 contemporary artists all over Los Angeles. The exhibition which goes from February to March 2010, will also include a reception, public panel discussion with some of the artists, and an open topped bus and bicycle tour that takes visitors on a tour of all 21 billboards around Los Angeles.

David Lamelas

By David Lamelas

Jennifer Bornstein

By Jennifer Bornstein

Kenneth Anger

By Kenneth Anger

Kerri Tribe

By Kerri Tribe

Yvonne Rainer

By Yvonne Rainer

Entire list of participating artists include: Kenneth Anger | Michael Asher | Jennifer Bornstein | Eileen Cowin | Christina Fernandez | Ken Gonzales-Day | Renée Green | Kira Lynn Harris | John Knight | David Lamelas | Brandon Lattu | Daniel Joseph Martinez | Kori Newkirk | Yvonne Rainer | Martha Rosler with Josh Neufeld | Allen Ruppersberg | Allan Sekula | Susan Silton | Kerry Tribe | James Welling | Lauren woods

Kimberli Meyer, the Director and master mind behind the installation had always wanted to showcase fine art on billboards, especially in Los Angeles because of its strong presence within the city landscape. And since the recession, this proved to be a boon for Meyer as more billboard space became available.

It’ll be interesting to attend the public panel discussion to see why artists and curators and chosen the locations they did, and what relevance the art had toward that respective part of Los Angeles. All the information, as well as a Google Map of the 21 billboards can be found here!

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