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The Photography of Ye Rin Mok, Poketo for Target Lookbook

When you lay your eyes on the photography of Ye Rin Mok, you are totally engaged-There is mystery, beauty, a familiarity, and at the same time, an intriguing, other worldliness. Her portraits seem to capture the true essence of a person, an often times quieter, deeper side.

We have followed the work of Ye Rin for a long time now. She has exhibited her photography a number of times in past Poketo art shows. We had always wanted to work with her on something significant, the Poketo for Target Lookbook was a perfect opportunity. With notable contributions to Theme Magazine, Nylon, Apartamento, XLR8R, Monocle, Spin, Tokion and more, we were excited to have the opportunity to see through her eyes, her vision of Poketo. When you view the lookbook, you not only sense the quiet side of her photographs, but, you also feel the lightness, fun, and independence-a full range of emotive qualities that reflects the Poketo for Target collection.

What was your vision behind the Poketo for Target shoot? You shot at Jeana Sohn’s home, the beach, the Hollywood Hills and around Los Angeles, how did they all connect?

I needed a link that would bring all the the Poketo products together, I instantly thought of Jeana Sohn, a friend and an artist living in Los Angeles. I thought it would be perfect to follow Jeana’s day utilizing Poketo products. I knew it would be a breeze working with her, she already had an understanding of my work and an impeccable style of her own.

What’s your approach when you are working with people you are photographing? Do you prefer spontaneity or control?

I usually don’t give too much directions to the persons I’m photographing. I enjoy what each individual contributes to the image making when I photograph them. Someone can be very self conscious in front of the camera which I don’t mind, sometimes it can make an interesting image.

When working with Jeana Sohn, I saw you actively, yet subtly style each shot, not only her poses but her fashion. What were you looking for in Jeana when she was modeling this collection?

With styling, Jeana would give me an option and I would look out for outfits that would be a better match for the image overall. I mainly wanted Jeana’s natural style to come through.

Is there a difference in how you approach photography when you do a commercial project vs. a fine art project?

Commercial projects are more about collaboration-a balancing act between the client’s need and my creative contribution to make a body of images for a targeted audience, while my personal work is concerned foremost with pleasing one viewer, myself.

How does your work reflect who you are as a person?

From a glance I seem pretty quiet and reserved, but, I do have a kooky side of me and maybe it shows in my photos?

What was the most memorable part about photographing the Poketo for Target collection?

Hanging out with Jeana at the beach with her dogs, Pepe and Choco.

View the complete lookbook Ye Rin Mok shot for Poketo at
View more of Ye Rin’s other photography at

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