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The hunt for the black egg


We were in Hakone all day. Beautiful, beautiful town outside of Tokyo known for their hot springs and ryokans. I can go on and on about the traditional inns, the hot baths, and the five or so course meals of kaiseki style food. It was absolutely perfect. But, right now, it is about the black egg.



The town was full of snacks, memorabilia, black egg this, and black egg that. We were curious, so, we searched it out. According to popular or unpopular belief, eating one black egg adds seven years to your life. Why is the egg black?? Well, Hakone is a hot spring town and there are springs everywhere, all over the mountains. Smoke rises from little pockets in the ground. What they do is bury the white egg in the ground. The grounds heat and environment cooks the egg and turns it black. Nice.


From Hakone, it is a train ride, then tram, then cable car, then a short walk up to the mountain shack…. and finally, what we were looking for. All I can say for certain is that, it was an egg, it was black, and it was similar to eating it hard boiled.

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