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TED x Together at Poketo Studio

T.E.D. stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design… they are the leading organization and global conference that brings together some of the world’s brightest thinkers and doers together to inspire, educate, and activate all of us. People like Bono, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, JJ Abrams, Dave Eggers, and over 300 speakers to date. You can actually stream their talks from their archives on for free! Hours upon hours to fill your brain, what an opportunity to be in the same room as some of these big brains.


We had the honor and pleasure of hosting, at the Poketo Studio, a small group of TEDsters at a TED x Together event. A space for TED fellows, ambassadors, artists, activists, musicians, business owners, and doers in Los Angeles to get together and talk about how we can activate Los Angeles on all T.E.D. levels and beyond– technology, entertainment, design and education were all on the table.

Sarah Shewey of Pink Clouds, Marc Mertens of Seso, Ronda Carnegie of TED, and actor/performer Esther Chae, a current recipient of the TED fellowship all had a chance to speak, present and perform.




Tom Brousseau opened up the talks with a few songs. Tom will be touring with PJ Harvey and John Parish next month. Right on! Here are some video clips via


An incredible day of hanging out with some great folks that are doing amazing things. TED x Together is a monthly event and we look forward to seeing what will happen to Los Angeles and beyond when creative minds come together. No doubt incredible things can happen even in these crazy times and this gathering of passionate folks and new friends is one instance of that.


Frosty of Dublab, Oliver Hess of Materials & Applications, and performer Esther K. Chae.


Cooper of Hint Mint and Ronda Carnegie, Director of Partnerships for TED. They are holding some of the Poketo x 826 wallets. This is one of David Eggers’ TED wishes from 2008. Happy to be part of that.


That’s Ryan Wilson of, an organization that aims to bring farms and vertical greenhouses to the urban space.


Thanks to Large Marge Sustainables and Honest Tea for catering the event.


Oh yes, the big fat bean bags were awesome too. Check out Marc trying to get them through the elevator. It’s all good fun.


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