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TED Day 2 Recap… Morgan Spurlock, Salman Khan, Jamie Oliver, JR

We are currently heading into day 3 of TED 2011 and TEDActive. Follow along with us on Twitter, we are updating frequently there and you can keep up with the conference with us. Yesterday was huge. Everyone from Bill Gates to TED 2011 prize winner and artist, JR took the stage… and a special appearance and updated talk from 2010 prize winner, activist, and chef, Jamie Oliver.

Jamie gave a passionate talk about The Food Revolution, the triumphs in the past year including community kitchens, the Emmy winning television show, and healthy Food Revolution food trucks across the country. But, challenges still exist which is why he took the stage and urged the TED community to act. One shocking thing to learn is that he and his ideas to change the food served in schools has been banned in hundreds of schools in Los Angeles school districts. Yes, banned. Learn more about what Jamie is doing here he has updated the site with a petition you can be involved in.

All of the talks at TED are broken into themes. Under “Worlds Imagined”, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock talked about his next film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. From what I gather, it’s a documentary about selling his film to corporations and in turn product placing those corporate products in his film. Morgan puts a magnifying glass to branding, advertising, marketing and the effects they have in our society, but, more importantly, looking inward, learning about himself…. or ourselves. In a segment of the talk, he applies corporate branding strategies to “Morgan Spurlock” and reveals his own brand… the talk was amazing, really funny, and strangely uplifting…. More on The Greatest Movie Ever Sold which premiered at Sundance this year.

In “Knowledge Revolution”, Bill Gates introduced us to Salman Khan. He started the Khan Academy, a not for profit online educational site for students, teachers, home-schoolers, principals, and adults returning to the classroom. The website has video tutorials for K-12 math, science, and topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Not only for learning, the site contains analytical tools to track progress for teachers. He has rolled the program out to Los Altos High School and with over a million users, it is a serious tool ready to be implemented in classrooms around the country.

In the theme “Radical Collaboration”, TED 2011 Prize winner, JR took the stage for the most amazing talk yet…. more on that a little later, I have to catch the talks now, it just getting underway, the theme is “Invention and Consequence”.

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