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Taking the time to catch up with artist Pepa Prieto

Pepa Prieto got to do artwork for an airplane. How cool is that?? She also did a rad design for one of our new tee shirts, which is equally as awesome. We catch up with her on her design, traveling, and what she’s up to now!


Hi Pepa! How are you?

Hello Poketo! Nice to hear from you! I am very well here in sunny Madrid!


Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you started doing art?

Well I have been doing creative things all my life. It was kind of a need for me; so deciding what to do in my life was a coherent decision to keep on doing what I just loved…art. So I went into college and started to study, blah, blah, blah…until today.


You did a wonderful tee for us called, “Past Present Future.” How did you come up with the design? What inspired you to do it?

It’s about the perception of time, the way we all have to manage time. We become a spectator of time as we cannot change anything. Just let go and try to  enjoy the most.

[Photo taken from Pepa's blog]

Last year, you got to deck out an airplane for Vueling and MTV with your work! How crazy was that? How long did that take? And how was it to know that your work would be flying around the world? It’s like a flying exhibition!

Yes it was kind of a crazy/amazing project. When MTV contacted me I was like …what? a real plane…an airbus, thats a big one!! I had a week to do the outside and the inside of the plane. So it was a pretty intense type of work. As usual timing is are crazy…but at the end everything was pretty fun. And yes its amazing to be seated inside a plane where everything is drawn by your work. It’s a bit surreal. Hahaha.


What have you been into lately?

I have been painting a lot! I have just done a show in Bilbao, and I try to keep having fun with my work on a daily basis and I’m always accompanied by music. I have been travelling around Europe too and planning to go very soon to visit you around that part of the world. I miss mexican food!!

You have your own community of characters that happily exist in many of your art works. Who or what are they, and where did they come from

They come from my inner perception of life. They are just like a little family for me, they come and go….


What is it that you love most about where you live? (Spain)

The weather and the attitude of people the way they see life. They really like to enjoy every minute of it!!

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Strawberry and lemon.


Anything coming up that you’re excited about?

Travelling!..and a possible show in L.A.

Great, we hope to see you soon! Thanks for everything Pepa!

To view more works by Pepa and to find out more info, go to

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