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Taking our time with Maki: Interview

Good things come to those who wait. Well, we’ve stopped waiting because the new “Things Take Time” shirt designed by Maki is here! Get to know the creative minds behind Maki who never fail to have something fun in their wide arsenal of design.


Hi Maki! So, how many of you are there in the studio?

Depends on how you look at it. There’s Kim and Matthijs, that’s us. We have a son named Fez who is one year old. And we have 2 cats (Lingo and Mekka) and a dog (Mo). We live in a small house which is also our studio. So it’s a crowded place…


Where are the two of you from and how did you start out?

We’re from Groningen, a town in the north of The Netherlands. We met there at the Art Academy. About one and a half years after we graduated we decided to set up our own studio named MAKI. We never had any real expectations. But now, over 4 years later, we’re still doing well and enjoying almost every minute of it.

Do you feel there is a motif that is signature to Maki in particular?

Most of the stuff we create is handmade, created with a ballpoint in our sketchbook. You can see in our work that we enjoy what we do to a point where we sometimes laugh out loud at our own stupid drawings.


You’ve done music art to kids wear, Poketo, shoes, and so much more. What do you think makes your designs so accessible?

You forgot to mention books! But we’re not sure why it works so well. Most of our stuff is pretty easy on the eyes, funny, and colorful. And we try not to take ourselves too seriously.


Do you guys take up your own projects or do you collaborate together?

Basically all projects are collaborations. In some cases one does more than the other, but we always go over things together before we show things to a client.


How did you think of the new design for Poketo’s “Things Take Time” shirt?

We had an idea for a children’s book about a big bear who is an outcast on a farm. We never really finished the story, but this illustration is based on one of the sketches. In this scene, the bear leaves the farm for a while because he’s sad… Hopefully one day we’ll get to finish the whole book.


We hope so too. So, what do you do when ideas seem dry?

Take a day off if possible. Do something else: walk the dog, watch a movie, have a beer and try again. On the other hand sometimes you just have to keep going and it will eventually come. Squeeze the ideas out from places where no man has been before…


If you could invent anything at all, it would be a…

Machine that turns our simple drawings into a cool animation in just 2 seconds. We want to learn more about animation ourselves, but are too impatient most of the time.

Thanks so much for your time, Kim and Matthijs. If you ever invent that machine, let us know!

For more info or to view more works by Maki visit

Check out more Poketo designs by MAKI here.

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