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Letter from Angie on Poketo's 15th Birthday

by Angie Myung on - 6 Comments

This month marks our 15th year of running this once-side-project called Poketo. I want to start this letter by saying thank you to everyone who’s followed us on...

January Workshops at Poketo!

by Poketo on

2013 Workshops: That’s a Wrap

by Poketo on

Mustard Workshop with Zach Negin of SoNo Trading Co.

Gift Guide: The Gift of Learning

by Poketo on

Holiday Print Workshop & Book Launch Party with Christine Schmidt THIS Saturday!

by Poketo on

Holiday Wreath & Ornament Workshop on November 17th

by Poketo on

The air is getting colder even here in Los Angeles, which means the Holidays are getting closer than you think. This year, ditch the store bought plastic wreath...

New Workshop – Essential Preserving Techniques with Kevin West on November 9th

by Poketo on

With the fading seasons, seasonal fruits and vegetables also come and go. Learn how to preserve some of your favorites by attending the Essential Preserving Techniques workshop with...

Ethereal… Classical… Simply Beautiful… Floral Design with Yasmine Khatib

by Poketo on

Though autumn has the trees shedding their leaves, the Poketo store was blooming with flowers. With LA-based floral designer Yasmine Khatib, Poketo was looking its finest as our store...

Bonnie Tsang … no introduction needed…

by Poketo on

Last weekend’s workshop was a cool, intimate gathering full of questions, advice, and tips with photographer, instagrammer, and social media maven, Bonnie Tsang. It was less traditional “teaching”,...

Flip the switch. Lighting Design with Brendan Ravenhill

by Poketo on

As you may have heard, Poketo curates and hosts a lot of workshops—and we mean a lot! From flower arrangements to making kimchi to branding, we thought we...