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Trippin’ out with Jeremyville

by Poketo on

What is Jeremyville? It’s a project based concept. A place where I can create things like books, art shows, drawings, apparel, toys, animations, street art. Anything. Basically it’s...

The Scene was Fresh, We Were Young and Ready, Carefree Skate Days of the 80s

by Poketo on - 1 Comment

By Tom Vadakan To coincide with the POKETO X CLUB MUMBLE collaboration, Ted has asked me to write a little something in respect to the early 80′s skate...

Travis Millard Talks Big Ideas from Small Doodles

by Poketo on

Travis Millard is a native Kansan and did some time in Brooklyn, NY before settling in Los Angeles. His work, characterized by intricate detail and sarcastic humor, can...

Andrew Pommier’s Mad World

by Poketo on

The work of Andrew Pommier, born in Ontario and now based in Vancouver, is rife with decapitated heads, deformed animals, human-animal hybrids, and death, yet executed with a...

FREE issue of Ground Beef Skate Zine, 1985

by Poketo on

While supplies last, we are giving away this re-editioned, issue of Ground Beef, a skate zine my brother, Tony Vadakan, made back in 1985. This was a zine...

Poketo x Club Mumble Collection and introducing Ground Beef Zine, circa 1980s

by Poketo on

Poketo is proud to present the Poketo x Club Mumble Series, co-curated with Bob Kronbauer, featuring the artwork of Club Mumble members Jeremyville, Travis Millard, Andrew Pommier, and...