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Cooking with Lisa Congdon: Vegetarian Sushi Bowl Recipe.

by Poketo on

As an artist and illustrator, Lisa Congdon has her days packed with activity. The designer behind our new tea towels recently moved into a beautiful light-filled home in...

Artist Interview with Lisa Congdon: On Collecting and Creating.

by Poketo on

Our new tea towels, created in collaboration with Lisa Congdon, are inspiring us to spend more time in the kitchen. Their vibrant geometric patterns make them so artful...

Artist Interview: James Gulliver Hancock Brings “All the Buildings in NY” to LA

by Poketo on

The “All the Buildings in New York” book launch party is just a day away – have you marked your calenders yet? It brings a bit of NY...

‘All the Buildings in New York’ Artist Interview with James Gulliver Hancock

by Poketo on

Our launch party to celebrate the new book ‘All the Buildings in New York’ is just days away on Thursday 5/23! By artist and illustrator James Gulliver Hancock,...

Artist Interview With Lisa Congdon: Home Decor and Favorite Spaces.

by Poketo on

Hi everyone, thank you for the overwhelming, positive responses to our new tea towels, designed in collaboration with the talented illustrator Lisa Congdon! We are so glad that...

Artist Interview: Lisa Congdon Part I.

by Poketo on

To celebrate the release of our new tea towels in collaboration with Lisa Congdon, we’ve conducted a series of interviews with the illustrator herself. We’re big fans of...

Poketo X The Working Proof City Wallets Series: Artist Interview With Dan Funderburgh

by Poketo on

Brooklyn-based illustrator, artist, and wallpaper designer Dan Funderburgh is the designer behind the Cairo City Wallet. You might have seen images of the oft-photographed wallpaper that he created...

Poketo X The Working Proof City Wallet Series: Artist Interview With James Gulliver Hancock

by Poketo on

In our first artist interview for the City Wallets series, we chat with James Gulliver Hancock, the artist who illustrated the Los Angeles wallet. Originally from Sydney, Australia,...