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Surprise Dj set from Jay Howell tonight 1/18 for “It Rained All Day” at Poketo Store

Artist Jay Howell may not want to be referred to as a dj, so, lets just say that his set is going to be a more casual playing of some of his favorite tunes, for his best pals, all of us tonight during “It Rained All Day” show happening at the Poketo Store. Jay is good friends with Mel Kadel, ((SOUNDER)), and Unpiano Books… these are the awesome folks involved in our first event of 2013 here at the shop.

Come on by tonight to not only see Mel and ((SOUNDER)) perform live music, but, get your hands on their newly launched book, and have them sign and doodle in it tonight… and of course, before ((SOUNDER)) performs, we’ll be listening to artist Jay Howell do his thing. We dropped in on Jay the other day, asked him a few questions to see what he’ll be up to tonight.

Poketo x Unpiano Books presents “It Rained All Day”
Date: January 18, 2013
Time: 6-10pm
Poketo Store
820 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA


1. What kind of music will you be playing at the event?

I’m not really sure yet, I live really close to Mel And Travis so maybe I’ll sneak around their house at night, peek in their windows and see if I can catch them dancing to any cool songs. Then I’ll play that song over and over and over…..

2. What are you looking forward to at the opening party?

Seeing this book and seeing Sounder. Two of my fave things at once!!!


3. As an artist yourself, how do you relate to “It Rained All Day”?

I’m not sure yet because I haven’t seen the book. But just as a saying? It sounds like it’s raining all day so i’ll just stay inside and complain about it not being sunny.

4. Can you describe your artistic style and what inspires you?

I’m a cartoonist and Mel’s art inspires me. She’s reeeeaaaallllllll good at art dude.

RSVP to the show, let us know you are coming, it’s open to free and open to the public.

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