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Studio Visit: Chen Chen and Kai Williams

On a recent trip to New York, and in the midst of a heat wave, we braved the L to the R train and ended up in the depths of Sunset Park, Brooklyn at the studio of Chen Chen and Kai Williams. Housed in an industrial factory loft building, the studio functions as both their office and workspace and contains a kind of organized chaos, bits and pieces of projects discarded or incomplete piled high on shelves or tucked into corners. Full of heavy machinery and tiny tools designed for intricate gestures, the studio has a very laboratorial feel, with Chen and Kai reigning as mad scientists. Known for their experimentation with materials as diverse as resin, marble, concrete, and aluminum, the designers create functional wares and impractical objects that have them dancing the fine line between art and design.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams Stone Fruit Planters are available at

For more, read our interview with the designers.

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