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Studio Tour: Linda Fahey

Ceramicist Linda Fahey creates engaging pieces that engender what she considers to be “dynamic simplicity”. Passionate about the down-to-earth, approachable nature of her work, Linda finds inspiration in shape, form, and the natural world. Linda’s Driftwood Utensils for Poketo came about through an intense draw to the ocean. The process of creating the utensils requires Linda to make regular trips to the beach, where she sources driftwood by hand for her creations.

Linda Fahey: I have a small studio and shop located in Pacifica, CA. We’re about 15 minutes south of San Francisco on the coast. Pacifica is a wild seaside town big on surf culture, and since I surf, I thought opening up here as opposed to SF was a good move. I spend all of my free time at the beach or in the water, so the driftwood pieces are an easy extension of that. This is a picture looking out of my studio; I have great light in my space and this large window overlooking P-Town Coffee, a little coffee shop in an old caboose, is a big plus!

The studio is fronted by a small, curated shop called YONDER. I hand-select goods from a number of small makers as well as use the space to display my own work. The studio/shop space is split in half, allowing me to work in my space while the shop is open to the public. I’ve been opened for a little under a year.

That’s Dante. He’s my handsome shop dog.

Ceramics are messy and take up a lot of space. If I could have two more of these shelves in my studio, I would! The space is in a constant state of motion. Currently, I am working on an order of 1200 cups, so lots of shelf space is critical. The plastic, although unglamorous, is necessary to keep the pieces from drying out as I continue to work on them.

This is my workhorse! There is nearly a half ton of clay stashed under this slab roller. As a hand builder, this is my number one tool. On the wall is a print made by my friend Sharon Virtue called Transformation, and above it is my prized Amber Agguire piece, YODA BUNNY.

Next to it is one of the spoons I collaborated on with ceramicist Diana Fayt. We each kept two spoons from our collaboration.

This is a pile of sourced driftwood that I use to make spoons, knives, and large serving spoons. I have to go through and find the dry rotted pieces to discard and then get the wood prepped to cut and drill. Sourcing means I’m at the beach, often on lonely beaches south of town. Working with wood is definitely one of my favorite parts of my process. I really do love making these pieces.

Spoons! I make a lot of spoons. This is another part of the studio showing a bit of the madness!

Linda Fahey Driftwood Utensils for Poketo
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